Benefits of non-GMO beverages

Benefits of non-GMO beverages | Limitless Energy

A genetically modified organism or GMO is a plant, animal, microorganism or any other organism whose DNA has been modified using various technologies. While genetically modified animals may be used for research purposes, genetically modified plants are part of our food supply, and the commercial use of GMOs keeps growing. However, countering this are non-GMO products, among which beverages like natural energy drinks are especially popular today.

There are many benefits to consuming non-GMO beverages, which is why many look for drinks with 100% natural ingredients. These natural drinks are considered safer than GMO products.

Natural energy drinks are free of toxic chemicals

One of the main reasons consumers today would choose a non-GMO fitness energy drink is because the ingredients used are likely to be free from toxic chemicals. GMO crops use synthetic or chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, and the residue of these can remain on the produce even after they are washed.

Studies conducted over time have found that the repeated use of chemical fertiliser can lead to a toxic build-up of arsenic, cadmium, and uranium and other heavy metals in soil. These pollute the ground, but also make their way to fruits, vegetables and food grains, and eventually our bodies.

However, organic crops use natural fertiliser, which can have fewer harmful effects on consumers, and is one of the main reasons consumers look for organic products. This is one of the benefits of non-GMO products, especially beverages that use 100% natural ingredients.

Richer in nutrients

Natural energy drinks and other non-GMO beverages are known for their higher nutrient content, and this is another reason that consumers look for such products when purchasing energy drinks. Among these are branched-chain amino acids or BCAA, which many vegan energy drinks contain.

BCAA are three of the nine amino acids that are considered essential. These must be obtained through one’s diet and can be found in dairy, legumes and eggs. However, many people supplement their dietary intake with the use of a fitness energy drink that contains BCAA. Such beverages can be vegan, thus catering to those with certain dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices, and may be 0 calorie and 0 caffeine, which are added benefits.

In addition to BCAA, natural energy drinks and other non-GMO beverages contain various nutrients that support healthy living and improve quality of life. This is another benefit of consuming natural beverages and foods.

Natural ingredients are good for the body

A fitness energy drink with 100% natural ingredients are likely to be healthier. GMO drinks tend to contain corn-based artificial sweeteners, and that too, in large quantities. In addition to this, they may also contain high amounts of citric acid. This can cause dental erosion, especially since people are likely to consume energy drinks regularly.

Non-GMO beverages may also use more local and seasonal produce, which adds diversity to one’s diet and food intake. This is another benefit of non-GMO beverages.

Natural ingredients are better for the environment

When talking about the benefits of non-GMO products, it is natural to focus on the benefits they have in terms of our health, but the impact organic crops have on the environment must be considered as well.

GMO agriculture uses chemicals, especially in the form of fertiliser, and as mentioned above, this causes a build-up of toxic heavy metals in soil. This pollutes the ground, and over time, causes soil erosion and infertility. It can also result in the use of more energy, which causes a strain on natural resources.

For such reasons, organic crops tend to be better for the environment, and by extension, non-GMO foods and beverages like a gym drink with 100% natural ingredients will cause less harm to our planet.

This is another benefit of adding non-GMO beverages to your diet.

Fewer ethical concerns

A consumer of vegan energy drinks, especially those with 100% natural ingredients, would have ethical concerns about the products they consume and how they are manufactured. With non-GMO certification, the consumer can be assured genetically modified ingredients have not been used. Organisations also issue various standards that categorise products based on risk level. This helps consumers make smart choices when buying a gym drink, for instance.

In addition to this, organic products have various certifications as well, and the use of natural ingredients in vegan energy drinks make them an attractive purchase for the ethical consumer.

Non-GMO products may also help the local economy, as well as local farmers, which is another benefit of this type of beverage.