Benefits of low-calorie sweeteners

Benefits of low-calorie sweeteners | Limitless Energy

Concerns have been raised about our sugar intake for years, with the World Health Organization (WHO)

recommending a daily intake of free sugars to be reduced to 10% of the individual’s total energy intake.

A further reduction of roughly six teaspoons would provide additional health benefits, they state. Due to

this, many have started looking at alternatives or substitutes like low-calorie sweeteners.

Low-calorie sweeteners, which are also known as alternative sweeteners, sugar substitutes, or intense

sweeteners, can be used to provide sweetness to foods and beverages without adding a lot of calories.

These include sucralose, stevia, and monk fruit.

While many assume all low-calorie sweeteners are artificial, they have been around for over 100 years.

Monk fruit, for instance, is native to southern China and creates a sweetness that is 150 to 200 times

higher than sugar. However, some low-calorie sweeteners are artificial, and tend to have a simple, clean

and sweet taste.

Whether artificial or natural, when it comes to natural energy drinks, for instance, low-calorie sweeteners

are used to sweeten the gym drink while keeping the calorie count low, which makes them more

attractive to consumers. There are many such benefits to using low-calorie sweeteners.


Palatable but low-calorie diet

One of the biggest issues people have when it comes to a fitness drink with 0 calories is the taste. With

any low-sugar food or beverage, taste is one of the main components that is affected, and rarely in a

positive manner. This can put people off a low-calorie diet.

However, a healthy weight is maintained by balancing one’s calorie intake with the calories one burns

through physical activity, and many struggle with reducing their consumption of calories. With low-calorie

sweeteners, the palatability or taste of a food or beverage is maintained, while reducing the calories it

contains. With a gym drink, for instance, sugar substitutes will make it taste good while also helping

consumers reduce their calorie intake.

In some instances, low-calorie sweeteners taste sweeter than sugar, which means that the quantity used

to make a food or drink palatable is less, and this is also helpful when managing one’s calorie intake.


Low-calorie sweeteners help people with health conditions

People who are managing their fitness and weight due to conditions like diabetes and obesity may still

want to hydrate themselves using fruit energy drinks, instead of only water. However, due to the use of

sugar, people often find it difficult to find a gym drink that is fit for them.

Natural energy drinks with low-calorie sweeteners meet this demand, and not only help people who need

to watch their sugar intake due to diabetes or obesity, but also give them a range of options when it

comes to fruit energy drinks.

In fact, low-calorie sweeteners benefit such persons beyond beverages like vegan energy drinks, for

instance, as the use of sugar substitutes in other foods and beverages allow people with certain dietary

restrictions to enjoy them without having to worry about their sugar consumption. This is a key benefit of

low-calorie sweeteners as they widen the range of food and beverage options for people with various

health conditions and dietary restrictions.


Dental health benefits

Food and drinks sweetened with sugar can lead to various dental health issues, especially since a

product like a fitness energy drink may be consumed regularly. The sugar in such drinks are converted to

acid by the bacteria present in dental plaque, and, over time, this damages the tooth enamel, leading to

tooth demineralisation.

Most low-calorie sweeteners are not fermentable, and thus do not contribute to tooth decay, which is

good for one’s dental health. This is another benefit of low-calorie sweeteners, and is one of the main

reasons people look for fitness drinks with sugar substitutes and 100% natural ingredients.


Weight management

One of the key benefits of low-calorie sweeteners is that it helps with weight management, with studies

showing that substituting sugar-sweetened beverages with low-calorie sweeteners has beneficial effects

on bodyweight. In fact, a low-calorie diet is recommended to anyone who wants to maintain a healthy

weight, and one way of doing this is to replace one’s sugar intake with low-calorie sweeteners.

Over the years, several studies have been carried out to investigate the effectiveness of low-calorie

sweeteners on reducing caloric intake, especially among persons who are obese. Many have concluded

that low-calorie sweeteners help reduce energy intake, and some studies have even shown that higher

compliance with long-term weight management control programmes can be achieved through the use of

low-calorie sweeteners.